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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Coup de coeur de l'été 2011

It is time for a new product review. I have got some nice  beauty goodies last month for my birthday, among them was the                   "L' Huile prodigieuse" de Nuxe. 

Credit: Nuxe

"L'huile prodigieuse" is a dry oil which helps to repair, nourish and protect the skin. It leaves the skin satin-smoth. The dry oil contents 98,8  natural ingredients. It is a multi functional treatment, that  you may use it for the body, face and even for the hair. I use it in the evening as a nourishing treatment, it absorbs very quickly but I would not put it in the morning when you are on the run for work. 

It has the best smell ever. It reminds me of summer. I have decided to use it through the winter to keep the summer feeling a bit longer. 

I have used it twice on my hair, when my hair ends looked very dry. The next day,my hair looked more shining and it leaves no oily residue. However I will not put it onto the roots or  the hair lengths anymore... I have a bit of curly hair and it looked  like if I went surfing, quite sexy though but not the perfect hair style for work. I mean if you are looking for volume and a " holiday look", it is perfect.  I will use it as my weekend hair product :). " L'huile prodigieuse" is my number one product at the moment and I really recommend it to you!

Has anyone of you tried it yet ? 

xx Nadine

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Chanel A/W 2011/2012

Credit : Chanel 

I love the new Chanel A/W 2011/2012 campaign. Do you like it ?  
Styling : Carine Roitfeld 
Photography : Karl Lagerfeld

Hope you are having all a nice weekend! 

Nadine xx

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Bershka, Osyho and Stradivarious online!

 The Inditex Group releases a few new online shops today. Brands like Pull&Bear, Oysho, Bershka, Massimo Dutti and Stradivarious  go online.

 I was really excited when hearing about the new online shops and had filled my basket with items I wanted to purchase, however like the most brands they have not put Luxembourg into the list of delivery. We can only order from Massimo Dutti and Zara online.  Of course we have H&M and the brands from Bestseller Group available in store and lots of the high street brands as shop in shop corners in department stores but still not all the Inditex brands are available to us. I hope they will add new countries to the shipping list of the online shops in the next months...

Here is a selection of what I liked. Oysho offers lingerie, basics and home wear. Oysho has a cute selection of potential birthday gifts for friends.

credit : oysho

Furthermore I was interested in a basic white shirt from Pull&Bear.


The good news is, I won't be spending money and the new online shops won't cope my love for Zara.  My favorite online shop is Monshowroom.
The advantages of this online shopping site are:

* excellent customer service 
* PayPal payment 
* delivery to my home country 
* quick delivery 
* easy Return service 
* a broad selection of brands 
* good quality
* they stock new international brands each season

Speaking about you can get free delivery till 08.09.2011 with the code RENTREE11.

 Happy Shopping!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Shade Parade

Have you seen Chanel's shade parade spot already ? It is a creative idea to present nail polishes... My beloved shade Inattendu is also in the clip.
Have a good start into the new week! 

xx Nadine

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Blue Valentine

Credit : IMBD

The film centers on a contemporary married couple, charting their evolution over a span of years by cross-cutting between time periods.(IMDB)
A touching love story, not one of the typical  Hollywood love stories. I adored the movie, as it focus on the complexity of interpersonal relationships.  The light used and the music by Grizzly Bear  gives the whole scenes an old fashion touch. Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams deliver a really good performance in Blue Valentine. 

Have a nice sunny weekend!
xx Nadine

Friday, 2 September 2011

In Vogue...

Charlotte Casiraghi is on the cover of the french Vogue September 2011 issue. She looks stunning. I love the portraits of  " Secrètement  Charlotte", that Mario Testino has shoot for Vogue  Paris.
 Here is a selection of my favourite pictures. What do you think ? 

   Credit : Mario Testino for Vogue Paris

Tuesday, 30 August 2011


I am becoming more and more addicted to the Woody Allen Movies. I never understood all the hype that has been created when a new Woody Allen Film was released, but after seeing Midnight in Paris. I have to claim now I do understand it. The movie is under the best I have seen so far. It is funny but so typically Allen with well elaborated charaters. The sensibility and love for detail in it is just perfect. It is really worth to go and see it in the cinema and not to only borrow a DVD. This is how IMDB presents the film : A romantic comedy about a family traveling to the French capital for business. The party includes a young engaged couple forced to confront the illusion that a life different from their own is better.( IMDB) I just like the movie for the choice of actors, Carla Bruni, Marion Cottilard,... the first Woody Allen which I have seen without Scarlett Johanson.  Paris in the twenties, all these artists and the mood in the film is just marvelous. Happy watching ! 

xx Nadine

Monday, 29 August 2011




I found it, the perfect nail polish color for job interviews, ceremonies, special moments,where you need to have good looking nails but a discrete color on the fingertips. If you as untalented as me to put the nail polish super clean onto the nails and don't want to spend money every week on the manucure only because you want to change color of your nails. I would go for Chanel's Inattendue.  It is very natural sophisticated color but different from the classical rose pale. It is a nice beige tone and it easy to wear with a day or night outfit. This is the first high end nail polish that I am sure to wear a long time and believe me I love to change the colors of my nails as often as I find a new nice color. Any recommendations for other nice classical color tones ?Have a good start into the new week!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Miu Miu Women's Tales: "MUTA" by Lucrecia Martel

I love the new Miu Miu campaign by Lucrecia Martel. What do you think of it ? 
The shoes of the new A/W 2011-2012 collection are a dream... 

Credit : Miu Miu Fall 11 Hailee Steinfeld by Bruce Weber

I know it has been a very long time since my last post, I will be better. September is around the corner and a lot of exciting things are coming up. Have a lovely Sunday! 

Friday, 8 July 2011

Sal Y Limon

I just discovered a very nice jewelry brand Sal Y Limon. The bangles are available in different colors and are the perfect accessories for summer dresses, bikinis or even a white shirt and jeans. This will be at the top of my birthday wish list.

credit : Sal Y Limon 

 It is a pity you cannot buy them online yet. However they have a few stockiest around the globe. Find the whole collection and the selling points here
Have a nice day! 
xx Nadine

Monday, 4 July 2011

Fashion photography : William Klein

piazza di spagna (rome),1960
© william klein
courtesy galleria carla sozzani, milan
smoke (paris), 1958
© william klein
courtesy galleria carla sozzani, milan

b.barzini (paris), 1962
© william klein
courtesy galleria carla sozzan

simone daillencourt, 1962
© william klein
courtesy galleria carla sozzani, milan

Screenshot from Who are you Polly Magoo?

Screenshot from Who ware you Polly Magoo ? 

Copy right William Klein

AS Robert Delpire says in ( Reporters without borders : 2 )  : " William Klein is an observer of his times, a man without borders."

"William Klein’s career is an intriguing amalgam of apparent contradictions. A self-exiled American living in France , he belonged  fully to neither country, yet defied the American-in-Paris stereotype. He was a painter who rejected  gallery careerism. He became  an extraordinary photographer, both purist and commercial, but reacted against  its limitations to make movies. As a film-maker he turned his back on mainstream cinema and , in this medium, too remained an outlaw. Nowhere, thought, is Klein’s determined heterodoxy more manifest than in his ambigious relationship with fashion. " ( Harrison M. 1994: 248 )

I discovered William Klein's work through the documentary "In & Out of Fashion". It is really nice as it shows also his work as a photographer before the 10 years at Vogue and the several films he has directed. Cannot wait to see Who are Polly Magoo ? More about the film soon on the blog.... If you want so see the artist's whole bigography, check out

Have a nice Monday! 

Nadine xx

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Coco & Igor

I bet a lot of you have seen the Coco Chanel movie with Audrey Tatou playing the iconic designer. I know lots of my friends loved it, I was the only one saying I felt it was not so good. To be honest, I was completely disappointed by the whole storyline and the incorporation of Audrey playing Gabrielle Chanel... 

I was glad when I found in the local library the film  Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky. I felt in love with the movie. This is much more how imagine Coco Chanel's character.  Her passion and the revolution she did in fashion comes clearly out of it, Anna Mouglagis represents an independent ambitious woman falling in love with a musician who aims for a radical change in music. The story is not only about love but also about the birth of Chanel N° 5. I enjoyed the music, how the camera captures the characters and the light used to create a special atmosphere. I would really recommend you this film if you like movie with a dramatic touch and lots of emotions. It is worth watching only for the splendid interior decor used in Chanel's countryside villa and for the love of details used  in the costumes.  Paris in 1920 is just a golden age...

Have a great day. 

Nadine xx

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

% Sales List %

As I said in my former posts , I have not enough space and too much clothes that I am not wearing, therefore I allowed myself only to refresh the basics which were completely worn out and beauty products which will be ending the next few weeks. Sales are only worth if you are stress resistant and under the first to enter the shops on the first day. The first customers get the good deals, especially when it comes to shoes. I mean I have the standard size 39, which is always sold out ! This year I was really lucky as I decidced to go to France where sales start 2 days ahead.... obviously I was not the only person with that idea in mind. Lucky me again, I found a parking outside of the 2 hours queue for the park house.

Here is a selection what had to be renewed in the basics of a my dressing.

- a basic black top - found in Zara 

-  black jumper  from American Vintage

- 2 pairs of flat ankle boots ( dark brown and black ) they have a nice cut and can be worn with skirts, dresses and jeans, they are just perfect and I have been looking for them for 18 months now.

What I still need to find :

- a pair of simple sandales
- a leather belt

I allowed myself 2 extra pieces for the pleasure of hunting

- The zara skirt

- Zara ballerinas

Beauty Products from Body shop - mainly to fill up my stock

What was on your list ? Are you becoming a crazy shopper when the sales start ? How do you manage to resist the temptation of the % sign ?

Nadine xx

Monday, 27 June 2011


Rockafield festival was very nice, we had the perfect sunny weather for a music festival. A mix of luxembourgish and international bands. I am unable to upload the video of Arcade Fire at the moment, stay tuned! Arcade Fire did an amazing show. Followed by Elbow, playing in the early evening. I did not now them before but I have to say lovely music to listen to. The headliner were Arctic Monkeys. Hope you had a nice weekend. The start into the early Monday morning was not so fun...Any plans for festivals over the Summer ?

Nadine xx