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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Alberta Ferretti campaigns

The one above is my preferred one, it is a very intimate scene due to the girl fixing her stocking and I adore the movement in the picture seeing the girls dancing in front of the picture. The decor and style is amazing.

credit : Steve Meisel

I love the Alberta Ferretti editorials. They are very artistic went it comes to light setting, the pose, the make up and style of the models. The expression is strong but still esthetic. I feel there is a real story behind the image, that is the kind of editorials I like most. You look at the picture, admire the product but keep starting to raise questions about the cinematographic scene presented to you. Here is  a personal  selection of my the most inspiring Alberta Ferretti editorials.  All of the selected campaigns have been photographed by Steve Meisel. I am a huge fan of his work. More about him soon. Enjoy your day! 

xx Nadine

Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Kills- DNA


Hope you all had a nice weekend. I have been in Berlin to visit my friend Yannick and see the Kills. Awesome!

 Once landed in Berlin, Yannick came to pick me up at the airport, a chaotic bus travel than twice changing u-bahn, where I had to refresh my make up like a jet setter.  I think people in Berlin are not used to see someone putting on make up in the tube, in London that’s quite common ;)

Finally arrived in front of Huxley Neue Welt, where of course the security man , first asked me : Do you want to move in with the Kills ? , ehm yes please !  and then wanted to check my mini dot suitcase. Found all my food and took it away. Not a very good idea, to open up a suitcase stuck full of clothes, you can be sure it will take 5 minutes to close it again. Damn! We missed out the first 5 minutes to see Alison and Jamie on stage. The played a few songs from the new album Blood Pressure but played as well a lot from Midnight Boom. It was a nice gig even though they played only 50 minutes and started very early for a party city like Berlin. The concert was finished at 22.30, bit disappointing. Nothing better to do than bring the mini but very inconvenient suitcase home and chill. Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures and video, the camera was giving me a hard time. 

Day 2 Berlin

We waked up late, headed to St Oberholz Café (U-Bahn Station: Rosentaler Platz) to get some coffee and muffins. From there we started our shopping tour around the streets of the Häckischen Höfe. I have to say in the morning I was a well-behaved shopper, I only bought a make up bag. I saw some nice young Berlin designer labels and we popped into Lala Berlin. The clothes and accessories are marvellous but unachievable.  We went back to Yannick’s place for a quick rest and take our coats; it was freezing in Berlin compared to Luxembourg. Obviously I only had summer dresses and shorts in my suitcase. Are you such a bad packer like me? I always pick the wrong clothes to take with me while traveling.

On the second part of the shopping tour after lunch at Café Fleury (Rosentaler Platz), a French bistrot with lovely interior decoration and good food, I found them, the shoes I have been looking for since months. To be honest I found 2 pairs which I loved and decided to get both as the were on 50% sales and real leather. Really made my day!

Yannick made me discover some nice concepts stores like Appartment (Memhartstr. 8), a very strange place, no name on the shop door, the upper space is all white like a gallery and completely empty, when you go downstairs all is black and full off clothes it is one of the insider shopping places of Berlin. The second concept store was wood wood  in Rochstraße ,where they sell uslu airlines nail polish. In the evening we went over to yannicks’ friends flat to have dinner, self made pizza. Yummy !  They did go clubbing to Backyard, but I had to go back and get some sleep due to stupid sickness.

Day 3 Berlin

The sun finally came out a bit, but still not as warm as planned, we had coffee to go at Rosentaler Platz and walked over Kastanienallee to Mauerpark, the most well known flea market in Berlin. Its is the place to be on Sundays. It is a real show-off about being seen and seeing who is still awake from Berlin's nightlife. Next time I will bring a suitcase full of clothes to sell and make some money. We watched a bit of Karaoke.
From there we decided to drive to CO museum to watch the exhibition of Robert Mappelthorpe. I liked it, especially his portraits. „I never liked photography. Not for the sake of photography. I like the object.“
Robert Mapplethorpe
You can see the full resume about the exhibition here .

We had  access to the exhibition Shoot! Photography existential. Quite funny to see the photographic timeline from a lady who has been pictured over 90 years in the same pose at the local fairy. Always shooting on the camera and being photographed. The interesting part was looking at the change of her fashion style . 

After museum we hang out in a bar next to the spree and did some sun bathing. Then it was already time to go back to the airport. The journey was not peaceful at all, far too much people on the plane and plane delayed. I found in duty free shop the Lancôme travel package and the Hypnose mascara I told you about. Both were on sales, lucky me! I cannot wait to take them on my future travels. Sometime  soon. hopefully. But for now back to work.

I taught about creating a Vide dressing on the blog, to sell my stuff. What do you think ?

Have a lovely day!
Xx Nadine

Friday, 15 April 2011

Bottega Veneta Spring/ Summer campaign

                       credit : Alex Prager
          Credit : Alex Prager

I like the new Bottega Veneta campaign, it looks very sophisticated and is probably influenced by Alfred Hitchcock's  film Birds. 

Have  nice day ! 

xx Nadine

Monday, 11 April 2011

Solar Bears - She Was Coloured In

My Make-up essentials

It is going to be a cosy day-in, as I feel super sick. While looking at my  face in the mirror, I taught I would share my make-up essentials  with you. 

Do you wear the same make up for each seasons or do you have products you prefer to wear only during summer ?

I am not a expert in beauty products but I have items that I kick out of my allday makeup when spring and summer starts.

I don’t use creamy  foundations in Summer, only a foundation powder by Jacques Dessange.

To erase imperfections I use the Sisheido concealer  stick.

Followed by  Benefit “That gal”, a brigthning face primer. 

To have sparkeling buy very light natural eye make up I use the tricolor  colors combined with a creamy eye shadow by Jacques Dessange. 

For a more sublime and intense gaze I would recommend a normal black Khol by Lancôme or any other brand and of course, my baby, the extention mascara for eyelashes, the "extreme mascara" by Lancôme. 

It took years to find the perfect mascara, so it was love at first sight when I finally found the one by Lancôme.

To highlight my lips and cheeks bones,my must have is “ the pal “ by Benefit, it is the most practical beauty product  and finds its place in every handbag. It is as lip/cheek  stain&clear gloss.

To color the lips more extremely I tend to use the Benefit Tint lipbalm or a classic red lipstick like Rouge Allure  by Chanel.

Benefit, is a cosmetic brand I discovered during my living abroad. I like the vintage and orginial product design but the products are really good too. 

If I don’t put on “ The Pal “ by Benefit, then I use my everyday powder blush and applicator pencil by Jacques Dessange. 

 Beauty Products Wishlist : 

I have planned to test the new one called Drama by Lancôme, as it promises more volume for eyelashes and a hypnotic look. I will write a review once tested, stay tuned.

What are your cosmetic essentials ? Do you always stay with the same brand or like to try out new beauty product lines ? 

Have a nice day ! 

xx Nadine

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Maje loves NY

Maje is a french brand between high street and high end fashion. Judith Milgrom, the designer and owner of the brand has teamed up with Vanessa Traina for the launch of Maje in Barneys in New York. Judith let Vanessa design a unique collection under the  name of the fashion label. The pieces are intemporal chic but easy to wear. I defintaley wanna try on key pieces of the Vanessa Traina collection.  I hope the price points won't be set too high, so that I can achieve a piece during sales. If it is not sold out till then.
The model Vanessa Traina is  the face of Maje since 2 years. The collection ca be found in store from the 5th of April 2011 and online from the 7th of April 2011.

Vanessa Traina for Maje 2011, credit :

Vanessa Traina for Maje 2011, credit :

Vanessa Traina for Maje 2011, credit:
Judith Milgrom's design stand for parisian casual chic. The designs are at the edge of time but to have intemporal chic. The cuts are feminine and modern, the fabrics used are ultra luxury fabrics. 

I have been completely addicted to the Spring/Summer 2010 collection by Maje. The collection offered colorful timeless pieces with attention and love for details. I like the bohemian, romantic touch that Judith Milgrom gives her designs. 
 The new Spring/Summer Collection, the colors are very dark and the cuts wide. I have however three personal pieces that I like. 

Maje 2011 Spring/Summer Collection, credit :

Maje Spring/Summer 2011 Collection, credit:

Maje Spring/Summer 2011 collection, credit :
During Paris Fashion week, Maje showcased in the shop windowes of Gallerie Lafayette Boulevard Hausmann, fashion under the desert theme. J'adore ! 
You can see the video below.

Nadine xx

Monday, 4 April 2011

Primavera Sound Festival


Boring day, as I feel super sick, had to stay in all day long. As a surprise to cheer me up I found the Femmes Luxembourg Magazine at the door of my room. Sweet taught ! I love the cover of the April edition and by coincidence I checked out the brand's webpage today.
you can see the marvelous collection at

I searched for the different line ups for summer festivals and my favourite is till the Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona. I hope I will manage to save up and combine a mini holiday with chilling days at the Primavera Sound. The line up for Rock en Seine 2011 is still not out , it is a shame.

My Wanna Haves for festival season 2011

Lipsy floral hairband seen on
  Miss Sixty jumpsuit seen on                                                               
River Island Oh La la vest seen on
        Asos broderie anglaise top seen on
     Lipsy Dress in Chiffon seen on

Heart Stone ring seen on

seen on

seen on

seen on

seen on

seen on

seen on

seen on
I love coco T-shirt seen on
seen on
seen on

Do you have travel plans for summer ? any music festivals to recommend ?

 Have a nice day !

xx Nadine