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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

% Sales List %

As I said in my former posts , I have not enough space and too much clothes that I am not wearing, therefore I allowed myself only to refresh the basics which were completely worn out and beauty products which will be ending the next few weeks. Sales are only worth if you are stress resistant and under the first to enter the shops on the first day. The first customers get the good deals, especially when it comes to shoes. I mean I have the standard size 39, which is always sold out ! This year I was really lucky as I decidced to go to France where sales start 2 days ahead.... obviously I was not the only person with that idea in mind. Lucky me again, I found a parking outside of the 2 hours queue for the park house.

Here is a selection what had to be renewed in the basics of a my dressing.

- a basic black top - found in Zara 

-  black jumper  from American Vintage

- 2 pairs of flat ankle boots ( dark brown and black ) they have a nice cut and can be worn with skirts, dresses and jeans, they are just perfect and I have been looking for them for 18 months now.

What I still need to find :

- a pair of simple sandales
- a leather belt

I allowed myself 2 extra pieces for the pleasure of hunting

- The zara skirt

- Zara ballerinas

Beauty Products from Body shop - mainly to fill up my stock

What was on your list ? Are you becoming a crazy shopper when the sales start ? How do you manage to resist the temptation of the % sign ?

Nadine xx

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