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Monday, 4 July 2011

Fashion photography : William Klein

piazza di spagna (rome),1960
© william klein
courtesy galleria carla sozzani, milan
smoke (paris), 1958
© william klein
courtesy galleria carla sozzani, milan

b.barzini (paris), 1962
© william klein
courtesy galleria carla sozzan

simone daillencourt, 1962
© william klein
courtesy galleria carla sozzani, milan

Screenshot from Who are you Polly Magoo?

Screenshot from Who ware you Polly Magoo ? 

Copy right William Klein

AS Robert Delpire says in ( Reporters without borders : 2 )  : " William Klein is an observer of his times, a man without borders."

"William Klein’s career is an intriguing amalgam of apparent contradictions. A self-exiled American living in France , he belonged  fully to neither country, yet defied the American-in-Paris stereotype. He was a painter who rejected  gallery careerism. He became  an extraordinary photographer, both purist and commercial, but reacted against  its limitations to make movies. As a film-maker he turned his back on mainstream cinema and , in this medium, too remained an outlaw. Nowhere, thought, is Klein’s determined heterodoxy more manifest than in his ambigious relationship with fashion. " ( Harrison M. 1994: 248 )

I discovered William Klein's work through the documentary "In & Out of Fashion". It is really nice as it shows also his work as a photographer before the 10 years at Vogue and the several films he has directed. Cannot wait to see Who are Polly Magoo ? More about the film soon on the blog.... If you want so see the artist's whole bigography, check out

Have a nice Monday! 

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