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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Coco & Igor

I bet a lot of you have seen the Coco Chanel movie with Audrey Tatou playing the iconic designer. I know lots of my friends loved it, I was the only one saying I felt it was not so good. To be honest, I was completely disappointed by the whole storyline and the incorporation of Audrey playing Gabrielle Chanel... 

I was glad when I found in the local library the film  Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky. I felt in love with the movie. This is much more how imagine Coco Chanel's character.  Her passion and the revolution she did in fashion comes clearly out of it, Anna Mouglagis represents an independent ambitious woman falling in love with a musician who aims for a radical change in music. The story is not only about love but also about the birth of Chanel N° 5. I enjoyed the music, how the camera captures the characters and the light used to create a special atmosphere. I would really recommend you this film if you like movie with a dramatic touch and lots of emotions. It is worth watching only for the splendid interior decor used in Chanel's countryside villa and for the love of details used  in the costumes.  Paris in 1920 is just a golden age...

Have a great day. 

Nadine xx

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