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I  would  like to specify that all the content on my blog is my personal opinion. My activity as a blogger is not related to my degree at LCF. Pictures which are not referenced are my own, with copyright on it. Please do ask me if you would like to use them.

What can I say about me ?

The starting point of the blog was   for an assignment part of my degree Fashion Marketing and Promotion at LCF, University of the Arts London. I decided to keep the blog as a medium to share my point of views and passions like Fashion, Media, Literature, and Arts in general and travelling. I am an avid reader when it comes to French literature and do like to discover new places. We can learn a lot from the interaction with people from different cultural backgrounds and I hope to find people who are passionate individuals and like to share their opinions. Let’s see where the blog takes me. Life is a journey, not a destination!