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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Jusqu'à toi

I saw an entertaining movie today, which I would like to present to you. It is not a  mainstream movie, if you are more into that, I suggest you forget about all the movies I write about.  I am looking for visually stimulating images and stories which you keep on thinking about for some hours. Open ends...  just perfect! Well of course you never no if the story is simple or worth it while watching the trailer.

 I have to say even that the story of " Jusqu'à toi " is stereotypical, I loved it a lot for how the camera captures the images, the simplicity of Melanie Laurent, the idea of the film and of course the emotions. I guess it is a typical sentimental comedie, I tapped into. 

The story of " Jusqu'à toi " is about Chloe who picked up by coincidence Jack's suitcase.  Jack is a young  American guy visiting Paris after being dumbed by his girlfriend. Chloe falls in love with Jack by discovering the content of the suitcase. After reflection, she decides, to take pictures of her everyday life and people she is surrounded by. She puts them into the suitcase and gives it back to the hotel Jack is living in. 

 Can we really know a person through a suitcase content ?
Let me know what your opinion is.

Well, have a look and decide for yourself...

Nadine xx

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