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Monday, 20 June 2011

How to optimize your wardrobe ?

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I wish I would have such a perfect dressing. Whenever I buy a bigger wardrobe, there is still not enough space storage... i have already put 1/3 of the clothes at the boyfriend's place.  I think it is either time for sales shopping at Ikea or a wardrobe clear out. I will be having friends  over summer at my place so I better find a solution for all my clothes before they sleep between all the clothes on my bed  : ) I think there is no way around a wardrobe clear out. It is my typical start of summer. Get rid of the old and look for new stuff to decorate the walls and floors of your too small room. As I have a lot of shoes , acessories and clothes which have been worn only once, I will set of a  page for the clear out on the blog. Especially with the sales starting on Wednesday I should make place for new stuff and be aware of what I need to buy and what kind of treasuries sleep  in my ward robe.  Feedback welcome for optimizing space in wardrobe. 

Have a nice day ! 

Nadine xx

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