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Sunday, 27 March 2011

YSL overall arty rings

The Clinique travel package seems to be sold out, so I have to be patient. Or look for them in Oslo or Berlin. I cannot wait for my little trips and the Kills concert. I hope I come home with a bag full of inspirations. Today will be a very calm day, I will have to study and prepare more cover letters. The initial plan was to drive to the sea, but as holidays have not started yet, needs to be postponed to next weekend.

I remember being obsessed with rings since ever. While travelling, I often chose to get a fantasy ring as a souvenir. You can find unique ones on local markets. 
I love the YSL overall arty rings. I saw them on many blogs. They seem to be the perfect accessories for Spring. 

Buying rings over Internet, is too risky regarding sizes and style... Harvey Nicholson in London seems to be  the only one selling them. Or do you know a vintage store where I could find them ? I am looking for nice Vintage stores in London and Paris.  Do you buy clothes from Second hand shops?

For which one would you go ? Although the turquoise one will match with  my wardrobe. I think the price will decide in the end.
While I continue dreaming about beach and YSL arty overall rings, I wish you a lovely Sunday! 

xx Nadine

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