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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Upper Street

Did you ever dream to design your own high heels ? 

We all know the feeling, we stand in the shoe shop and cannot decide which pair of shoes to go for. Each pair has something we adore but still if we could we would like to change a little detail. The comfortable ones are sold out in our size. A true dilemma, saving up and waiting or buying spontaneously, regret and put them in the shoe wardrobe. 

 Revolution comes  with the site, a shoe retailer where you can select from a range of exclusive materials, color palettes, the shoe form and the ribbon. Heaven ! No more shoes which are too big, too small, just how you would like them to be. However the site could improved by offering a selection of materials for little budget. 

I designed a classic black satin plateau shoe with satin ribbon and silver plateau plateform.

Show me your designed shoes ;) 

Sleep well! 
xx Nadine

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