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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Simoné Sauvage

Good morning,

It is a sunny day, I cannot wait to go for a little walk through the city Center and do some shopping. 

I have read some amazing reviews about the Even Better product, and might go for it. 
Did anyone of you try it out ? Have you been satisfied by the result ? 
It is quite expensive, therefore better try out the mini version in form of a travel package before buying it.

I recommend you  to visit this site The website offers different fashion items from young talented designers, you can vote for you favourite item and get percentage on the price if your product wins and is produced. It think it is a very interesting idea and a good opportunity for start up designers to raise awareness.

I found the brand Simoné Sauvage. I am fascinated by the pieces of the new collection Revolver. This collection is about giving women the weapons to position themselves ,without copying the men’s codes, but by inventing her own. It is for women who dare to be free, who claim her ambitions.  I will check out the sublime pieces when I am in Paris.

Here are some of my favourite shots from the Revolver Collection.

Do you like it ? 
Let me know ;)

Have a nice Saturday! 
xx Nadine

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