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Monday, 28 March 2011

Mademoiselle Fashly

I have decided to create a section Personality of the month. I will introduce friends who inspire me, fashion icons or bloggers that I follow regularly.

To open up the section I have chosen my dear friend Ingrid. I met her in 2008 in London, when we both started at LCF. I am glad we were living in the same street; she was a great support in discovering the big city. We loved to hang out on Portobello road and of course going for shopping on the markets.  She is a very lovely, creative person, especially when it comes to visuals. It impresses how often we have the same ambitions or taste. Ingrid is in my eyes a good photographer, even tough she did not study photography, and she has the ability to capture special moments of everyday life bringing in lots of emotions. You can discover the goodies for your eyes and bits of Ingrid’s life on her blog

I am sure you will appreciate. Recently she has written a nice review about her stay in Milan. She has her own style and is a natural beauty. I think Miss Fashly will have to model for me when visiting her in Oslo. The blog was mainly in Norwegian but turns now into English.Yay, good News! Our passion for music, fashion and travels connect us. I hope we can soon do a little road trip. I am looking forward to see her very soon in Oslo and discover the vintage shops, tea salons and good gigs. Find attached the little interview I did with Mademoiselle Fashly.

Since when do you blog ? 
So many years, probably since 2004 if not earlier. But it has been on and off for some periods. The blog I have no in 2008. 

What event/taught made you wanna start blogging ? 
Mainly it was when I moved away, and I could keep my friends and family updated on my everyday life. 

What is your blog mainly about ? 
Mainly about Fashion. Nevertheless, it is not only FASHION, that's why I decided to call i Fashly, cause it is fashion and everything else that inspires me and keep me going. 

Where are you based ? In how far does the city you live in , inspire your posts ? 
Oslo, Norway. In many ways, the fashion industry here, the corners, old buildings and nature that surrounds the capitol. 

Would you ever like to become a professional blogger, be part of the Fashion Industry ?  
I am working in the fashion industry at the moment. I don't think I would mind becoming a professional blogger, but that is not the main reason for putting my pictures and word out there. What is a professional blogger anyhow? :-) For me the blog is a place where I can be the editor and decide what I want to publish and share. I am satisfied with that, and don't need to take it any further. for now at least. 

What influence do you think bloggers have in the Fashion Industry ?
A lot. Really. I mean, the bloggers are a way of making yourself heared or seen. If you like something or not, you can write about it and make the world know. Also, the designers, stylists, photographers etc. out there can make their own blog to bee seen and heard. 

Is it a good medium to showcase your work

What bloggers are early influencers for you ? 
I follow many bloggers.Some Norwegian bloggers, but also some international ones. 

Here are som few I love to stop by: 


If you could met a blogger or a popular fashion figure, who would it be ? 
I would love to meet The Satorialist. 

Don’t forget to check out the interview I did with Anina Rubin, photographer from Berlin, here.

Do you like the idea of personality of the month ? 
Have a nice sunny day and thanks for reading. 

xx Nadine

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