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Monday, 14 February 2011


Valentino's  fashion was based on his sense for colour. Key fabrics were animal prints or graphics playing with black and white.

Valentino stands for perfection in “ haute couture”.
The starting point of his career was the “White collection”
Valentino’s fashion handwriting is often associated with the color red.

Credit : sipa

“ Red is a fascinating colour represents life,  blood from death, passion, love, absolute remedy to sadness “ 

In 2007 after 45 years as a designer, Valentino said goodbye to the Fashion industry.

Today a duo of creative directors; Maria Grazia Chuiri and Pier Pablo Piccioli are behind the label Valentino. The new Spring/Summer 11 collection is marvellous.

                                                       credit : Dan and Corina Lecca

                                                             Credit :Dan and Corina Lecca
                                                          Credit : Dan and Corina Lecca

You can find the whole catwalk report on Vogue Paris.

I love the picture from the new editorial campaign. The picture is very cinematographic and intimate. 
Credit : David Sims

 Hope everyone of you had a nice Valentine's Day ! 
Sleep well!

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