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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Lights on "Anina Rubin"

Anina Rubin is a photographer living and working in Berlin. I had the chance to meet and work with her during a stay in Luxembourg. I contacted her, as I knew she would be the perfect candidate to realize my vision for the blog. I knew I had to give the blog something eye-catching, if I want to capture publics’ short attention moments. In addition I wanted to keep a certain mystery. I had to create the blog as part of an assignment for my university degree, but I will continue it later on. Therefore it was really important for me to give it a personal touch. It would like to specify that everything said on my blog is my personal opinion, not the view of LCF. 

When I first met Anina in the cosy bar “Interview”, I directly understood that she would not only take in my perception of the concept, but also bring in her ideas. Miss Rubin is full of energy, creativity and originality. During the shoot I realized how quickly she can turn random ideas into reality. The 12 hours I spend with her were funny, concise and very inspiring. I am glad I got to know her as an artist and person. 

“Anina, thank you for your patience during the shooting and all the helpful tips how to pose in front of a camera as an unprofessional model.It was very cold during the shoot, but the beautiful pictures were worth the effort!” 


Here is an interview I did with Anina while we were enjoying a nice cup of tea. 

When did you start photography? 

When I got my first camera for my 8th birthday 

Why did you decide to become a photographer? 

I adore to create situations or stories letting my thoughts roam as free as a bird. There are no limits about what you wanna show or stage, except for the limits you set yourself. 

How would you describe your style? 

I cannot really name a certain style to my photos. I just like the mixture of magic, fear, curiosity, exorbitance, eroticism up to porn, beauty, fashion and a lot of freedom for the viewer's eyes. 

What cameras do you use? 

I use the Nikon d700 for photo shootings, for stills sometimes the sinar large format.While travelling I prefer working analogue with a tlr. 

Who are your influences? 

I've always enjoyed the world of fine arts and admired Gerhard Richter's and Hermann Nitsch's works. The profound interest for photography came up later. Some musicians (Philip Glass, John Zorn, Alexandra, The Sähko recordings) and directors (Gaspar Noé, David Lynch, Vincent Gallo, Tinto Brass) inspire me too. Furthermore I guess the place where I am right now and the people that surround me do also influence me a lot. Sometimes even only looking at a leaf falling down a tree or a spider scuttling can give me a complete inspiration for a next photo shooting. 

Please name 3 favorite pictures 

Figure with meat by Francis Bacon 

D-day by Robert Capa 

Unexpected return by Ilya Repin 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

Still taking photos, playing music, travelling and living at some place where it does not snow 

Where can we see your work? 

on, in my room or in exhibitions, mostly in Berlin

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