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Monday, 11 April 2011

My Make-up essentials

It is going to be a cosy day-in, as I feel super sick. While looking at my  face in the mirror, I taught I would share my make-up essentials  with you. 

Do you wear the same make up for each seasons or do you have products you prefer to wear only during summer ?

I am not a expert in beauty products but I have items that I kick out of my allday makeup when spring and summer starts.

I don’t use creamy  foundations in Summer, only a foundation powder by Jacques Dessange.

To erase imperfections I use the Sisheido concealer  stick.

Followed by  Benefit “That gal”, a brigthning face primer. 

To have sparkeling buy very light natural eye make up I use the tricolor  colors combined with a creamy eye shadow by Jacques Dessange. 

For a more sublime and intense gaze I would recommend a normal black Khol by Lancôme or any other brand and of course, my baby, the extention mascara for eyelashes, the "extreme mascara" by Lancôme. 

It took years to find the perfect mascara, so it was love at first sight when I finally found the one by Lancôme.

To highlight my lips and cheeks bones,my must have is “ the pal “ by Benefit, it is the most practical beauty product  and finds its place in every handbag. It is as lip/cheek  stain&clear gloss.

To color the lips more extremely I tend to use the Benefit Tint lipbalm or a classic red lipstick like Rouge Allure  by Chanel.

Benefit, is a cosmetic brand I discovered during my living abroad. I like the vintage and orginial product design but the products are really good too. 

If I don’t put on “ The Pal “ by Benefit, then I use my everyday powder blush and applicator pencil by Jacques Dessange. 

 Beauty Products Wishlist : 

I have planned to test the new one called Drama by Lancôme, as it promises more volume for eyelashes and a hypnotic look. I will write a review once tested, stay tuned.

What are your cosmetic essentials ? Do you always stay with the same brand or like to try out new beauty product lines ? 

Have a nice day ! 

xx Nadine

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