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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Alberta Ferretti campaigns

The one above is my preferred one, it is a very intimate scene due to the girl fixing her stocking and I adore the movement in the picture seeing the girls dancing in front of the picture. The decor and style is amazing.

credit : Steve Meisel

I love the Alberta Ferretti editorials. They are very artistic went it comes to light setting, the pose, the make up and style of the models. The expression is strong but still esthetic. I feel there is a real story behind the image, that is the kind of editorials I like most. You look at the picture, admire the product but keep starting to raise questions about the cinematographic scene presented to you. Here is  a personal  selection of my the most inspiring Alberta Ferretti editorials.  All of the selected campaigns have been photographed by Steve Meisel. I am a huge fan of his work. More about him soon. Enjoy your day! 

xx Nadine

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